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Our Company

At Tours In Copenhagen, we chose a jester as our logo. The jester symbolizes exactly what we do and how we do it.

A jester was known as an entertainer who often traveled from city to city and country to country entertaining kings as well as the common man. He was a storyteller who told true stories with a twist of humor. The jester knew about history, contemporary events and the town happenings. This made him the newspaper, internet and postman of his time.

At Tours In Copenhagen we see our job as being very similar to the jester of the past. Our guides know our history and we know how to tell a good story. We also believe that history is the mirror reflecting the future.


Our Concept

We provide enchanting and entertaining privately guided sightseeing tours, hospitality service and study visits.

Our tours are based in the heart of Copenhagen. We are able to communicate globally and fluently with guests from all around the world, while organising their stay in the capital of the world’s oldest kingdom.

Terms and Conditions

Any delivery of services between the parties are made based on these general sales- and delivery conditions.

The offer is binding for Tours In Copenhagen 14 days from offer date.

Payment and booking
A tour is not booked before it is pre-paid or fully paid
You can pay through Paypal, or to our Danish bank. We send you an invoice.

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Be our Friend

At Tours in Copenhagen we offer all sorts of guided tours, in and around Copenhagen. We are a little inbound bureau offering guided tours in Copenhagen and Zealand. After being on one of our guided tours we want you to leave the ciry with the sense, that you did not hire a guide, but had a friend showing you around.

We are among the best guides in Copenhagen, just click the Tripadvisor link below and read our fantastic tripadvisor reviews!


Private tours done already




Kristian Dahl Søttrup

Kristian Dahl Søttrup


Born and raised in Jutland I moved to Copenhagen in 1999 to join the Royal Guard and later I studied in this great city. I instantly fell in love with Copenhagen, and have spent the past 15 years walking, biking and exploring this wonderful city, in the beginning with my Uncle who guided and surpassed knowledge and stories to me, now in private.

Watch a video with Kristian here

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor


I’m a fun loving and friendly person and I moved to Copenhagen at the beginning of the year. I have successfully been guiding now for 6 years throughout Europe for an online platform called e-architect and have already hosted a number of tours in the area. I am a trained Architect and feel that sharing my passion and knowledge of cities not only helps build friendships and bonds all over the world, but also helps me keep in check with modern architecture.

Video with Ashley will come soon

Sine Schmidt

Sine Schmidt


I’m a passionate and authorized guide with a MA in Arts in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen. I grew up in the picturesque neighborhood of Christianshavn in Copenhagen and has spent most of my life here. Why? Because I love Cph and all it´s beautiful architecture, green areas, the fresh air and the sea.

Watch a video with Sine here

Martin Andersen

Martin Andersen


I’m a skilled historian from Princeton, author and now also a tourguide for Tours in Copenhagen. I’m also a native Dane and traveller of the world. I’ve either lived in Copenhagen or abroad all my life because this IS my city. Next to Copenhagen history is my passion, after my wife and children of course.

Video will come

Jens Frahm-Rasmussen

Jens Frahm-Rasmussen


I’m a specialist in all things intercultural and I’m a native Copenhagener who loves to show and share my city and its official – and more unknown sides – to foreigners. I have a M.Sc. in intercultural business and runs my own business helping expats to deal with the Danes at work and outside work.

Watch a video with Jens here

Naja Schønemann

Naja Schønemann


Text to come

Video to come


本公司紮根於丹麥首都哥本哈根,並曾獲獎項。 我們致力為不同人士提供服務,讓他們能盡情享受在丹麥旅遊的時光。我們提供豐富及富娛樂性的私人旅行團和豪華觀光團,亦能為客人籌辦活動。我們的服務對象廣泛,包括旅客、自遊行遊客、旅行社及活動統籌公司。 如閣下有興趣參加本公司的旅行團,或想擁有度身訂制的旅程,歡迎聯絡我們。

الخدامات التي نوفرها

نحن وكالة أسفار و سياحية متحصله على عدة جوائز موجودة في قلب العاصمة الدانمركية كوبنهاغن.
للاطلاع و اكتشاف المدينة و معالمها وكل ما توفر من متاحف وخصوصيات.
بإمكاننا أن نوفر رحلات و جولات سياحية خاصة ممتعة، ويمكننا أيضا أن نقدم المساعدة لاستضافة عدة الأحداث.
ضيوفنا سواح و مسافرين و صانعي الأحداث الذين يريدونا لاستفادة الكاملة بوقتهم في الدانمرك.
يمكن الحجز في إحدى الجوالات التي نوفرها لحر فاءنا الكرام أو الاتصال المباشر معنا لنضع برنامج ثري حسب طلبكم و رغبتكم.

La empresa tiene sus raíces en Copenhague, Dinamarca, y ha ganado premios.

Nos comprometemos a brindar servicios a diferentes personas para que puedan disfrutar de su tiempo en Dinamarca. Ofrecemos un recorrido privado rico y entretenido y un recorrido turístico de lujo. También podemos organizar eventos para nuestros huéspedes. Atendemos a una amplia gama de clientes, incluidos turistas, turistas, agencias de viajes y empresas de coordinación de eventos.

Si está interesado en participar en un recorrido por la empresa o desea realizar un viaje a medida, contáctenos.

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