Best Type of Tour of Copenhagen, Denmark for You

Copenhagen boasts of a myriad of types of tours from walking, to biking, to riding in a private vehicle or on a big tour bus. You will be most comfortable if you consider what type of tour will suit you best. After all, you have traveled from afar and now is not the time to consider financial aspects that might limit your enjoyment. While many people return to Copenhagen time after time, you want to plan your time as if this is the one and only time you have to enjoy her gifts.

Some people enjoy a walk, like to bike and there are those who prefer the luxury of a comfortable vehicle in a private, guided tour. If you are one of the latter, then the driving tours are for you. Leave the walking to those who prefer that style.

A driving tour will also take you farther afield beyond the limits of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

To be continued….