Three Castles Tour near Copenhagen, Denmark

Each of the three castles on this tour has its own special significance.

Elsinore and Kronborg was made famous by Shakespeare as he set his play, Hamlet at this site, but why? We will of course share this public secret with you alongside stories about the Sound Duty, the importance of Kronborg and just enjoying the view of the castle and look to Sweden.
Who is the Danish patron Holger the Dane and what role did Hans Christian Andersen play in putting the national hero at rest at Kronborg?

Fredensborg is a favorite of the modern day royals. The queen stays here part of the year and for a good reason. Find out what makes this Royal castle so endearing.

In the past, Frederiksborg was the site of many royal coronations, besides being the birthplace of King Christian IV and the favourite (Hunting) castle of many later kings. Its setting is interesting as the castle is spread over three islands in a small lake and is today the National Historic Museum.

Please note the difference between Fredensborg and Frederiksborg, it is two different castles 20 km apart.

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