Viking Tour

From: $800.00 $800 for groups of 1-3 persons <> $900 for groups of 1-6 persons <> Try 8 Hours of Viking adventure with a real local Viking descendant

See, learn, touch and feel Vikings, their longships,fortifications and much more.
Groups of 7 or more people, please contact us here


On our Viking tour you’ll not just learn about Vikings, but you’ll meet several descendents of Vikings, you can sail their Viking ships, taste their food, walk on their fortifications and much more.

Viking Tour
We start our Viking tour with a visit to Roskilde Viking Ship Museum and their 5 original Viking ships. Dedicated and skilled craftsman built a 1:1 replica of each of the 5 ships and these replicas are available for guests to sail in the summer months. The Viking Ship Museum is a fantastic museum that is informative and kid friendly. Guests can also enjoy excellent (Viking) food.
In Roskilde we will also visit Roskilde Cathedral which has the worlds biggest collection of Royal tombs, 39 on total.
On the Viking Tour Trelleborg is optional as the drive there is an hour each way. Trelleborg is one of only 5 still standing Viking ring fortresses, and was built around the year 980 by Harald Blåtand.

We only offer private guided tours. Meet most of our guides here, no guarantees given though. Most to all languages available upon request.


Roskilde Cathedral (is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List) – The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde – The National Museum of Denmark – Dragør – (This tour is mainly onsite)

What to expect:
Learn about where the Vikings came from, how they sailed across the Atlantic, conquered England and why they (suddenly) disappeared.

Practical information

Meeting point: At request

Destination: Zealand, Roskilde

Duration: 8 hours

Included: Guide & driver, pickup / drop-of, flexibility

Excluded: Entrance and lunch.

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