1. HAY HOUSE: http://hay.dk/

When in Copenhagen, do not miss a visit to the famous Hay House design shop located in Østergade on the second floor. Here you will find straightforward and functional furniture and design pieces in unconventional shapes, but even smaller often funny things for the home – from designer pillows and towels to wall clocks and vases. This place is truly  a great ambassador of Copenhagen as a world-class design city. HAY which is the famous Danish furniture and interior design brand, is a modern, contemporary, minimalistic and innovative design brand. If you get a chance to peek into a typical Copenhagen localite’s home, you will surely find a mark of Hay’s somewhere – if not in the furniture, then perhaps the interior accessories, kitchenware or decorative rugs. All of the Hay products have an eye for modern living and is the quintessential trademark of a typical, modern Danish home.

2. FERM LIVING: http://www.fermliving.com/

What started off with a few wallpaper designs, has now grown into a full range of home accessories and textiles for the happy, modern home. The products, tableware, office utensils, furniture and cushions, among others, are full of graphic patterns, playful hues and contemporary designs.

Within the typical Ferm Living home, you will find products for every room in the house. The designs come in many different materials: organic cotton, recycled paper, leather, wood, porcelain and metals. Simply put, ferm LIVING favours honest materials and prefers sustainable and organic alternatives where feasible.

3. NORMANN COPENHAGEN: http://www.normann-copenhagen.com/

Another well-known Danish interior design shop is the flagship store of the Normann Copenhagen brand. Located in a 1,700 sqm old cinema in the Østerbro area of Copenhagen. In 2014, it made the exclusive list of New York Times’ 12 shopping treasures of Europe. Here you can find everything from the Normann Copenhagen universe, traditional materials and great designs in an unconventional shape. Established in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, Normann Copenhagen has made a name for itself through the unique products sold in more than 77 countries. The American newspaper’s editors and writers had selected their favourite items and places in Europe for the Travel section in October 2014.

4. BY LASSEN: http://bylassen.com/shop/frontpage.html

BY LASSEN is a Danish family-run design company. It first gained international recognition due to one specific product; the Kubus candleholder –  ever since launching this fantastic design, found in most homes in Denmark today, they have paved the way for, not only themselves, but also many new and upcoming Danish and Scandinavian interior design brands around the globe. Today BY LASSEN has expanded its collections to also include furniture and home accessories. By Lassen’s mission is to continue the tradition of good design. Because good design lives on in new generations.

5. MUUTO: http://www.muuto.com/

Muuto – New Nordic is inspired by the Finnish word: “muutos” meaning “change” or “new perspective”. Muuto was founded in January 2006 and is a furniture, lighting and home accessory brand by leading Scandinavian designers. The Muuto mission is striving to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. In fact, our name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective. Muuto handpick the brightest design talents in Scandinavia and give them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects. Some want to alter the world, others find passion in colour and shape and others still, draw deeply from personal experience. Explore strong Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives representing the best of Scandinavian design today.