1. Sophie Bille Brahe: http://sophiebillebrahe.com/

Sophie Bille Brahe is the name of the designer and the creator (and the great-great-great granddaughter of Tycho Brahe, hence the famous surname) of the extremely popular Danish Jewelry brand; Sophie Bille Brahe. Sophie is educated at London Royal College of Art and Danish jeweler, Jo Riis-Hansen and she grew up in a creative home, where stories and strange objects were a part of everyday life. And this is exactly the universe that she is bringing into her designs – think wild and adventurous poetry tamed with feminine contrasts. Sophie’s designs are inspired by everything from Cleopatra, ancient Egypt and the Pyramids, 90’s musicians like Marky Mark, TLC’s Waterfalls and the sun, moon and stars. One of her most famous designs; the Croissant de Lune, (see picture) making it clear that diamonds are in fact a girl’s best friend, has made her internationally known and today here jewelery are sold in thousands by e-commerc giants like Net-a-porter.com and stylebop.com. In Copenhagen, her designs are sold in the shop: Another Nué, Krystalgade 3 and online: http://www.nuecph.com/.

2. MARIA BLACK: http://www.maria-black.dk/

Maria Black, is the name of another famous Danish jewelry designer, her fans, Rihanna, Helena Christensen and Coco Summer praise here designs and her own statement about her designs is: “An elegance so discreet it’s almost noisy.” It all started back in 2004 and a trip to Ibiza, when Maria was offered the chance to intern with to Israeli Jewelers, where she learned the craftsmanship up close and professional. Back in Denmark she started studying to become a jeweler and upon graduating, she moved to London, got a small stand at the Sunday Upmarket and from there she expanded her production. In 2013, Maria Black launched the Diamond Cut Collection made from real metals and of course diamonds. Geometry, simplicity and creativity – all in simple, fine lines as understated details.

3. LINE & JO: http://www.lineandjo.com/

Line Hallberg and Jo-Riis Hansen are the two designers behind LINE & JO. Created from a philosophy of creating jewelry that are bordering costume jewelry and dusty lady jewelry. Define it yourselves. The goal was to create a symbiotic commercial and unique jewelry brand with inspiration from architecture, art and nature. Think raw lady punk in a feminine, architectural mix of grace and simplistic minimalism. LINE & JO represent modern classic icons of the highest quality that make every girl and woman feel beautiful.

4. REBEKKA REBEKKA: http://rebekkarebekka.com/

Another well-known Danish jewelry brand is REBEKKA REBEKKA, names after the two twin sisters, Rebekka and Camilla Theresa Nielsen. Rebekka is the designer and creative brain of the company. She first started her career within apparel, but in 2013, she left the industry to try something else and her attention landed on Jewelry design. After receiving several personal orders, she finally caved in and started selling her designs in concept stores such as Henrik Vibskov Boutique, Nué in Copenhagen and in Pixie Market in New York. “Keep it simple” is the vision behind REBEKKA REBEKKA who create Scandinavian, simplistic and feminine jewelry for everyday use.

5. Mille Rubow: http://millerubow.dk/

Last but not least is another Danish Jewelry brand called; Mille Rubow Jewelry. Founded on the simple idea of creating timeless and minimalistic jewelry who stand strong alone but can also be accompanied by other accessories – united creating a strong expression. Every piece of jewelry is designed and crafted with a great passion for the actual craftsmanship, materials and high quality as main components. This provides an unique and personal expression to all the pieces. Mille, who is the designer behind the brand has a background within apparel and graphics and has always been fascinated by the art of jewelry.