1. Noma: http://noma.dk/

The name speaks for itself! At Noma, you are guaranteed a dining experience like none other. Chef Rene Redzepi delivers an exceptional dining experience, one you surely won’t forget. The Nordic-inspired gourmet cuisine is carefully prepared and exquisitely presented. Noma currently holds two Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide Nordic Cities 2015. Guests have been known to fly in just to experience dining in the World’s Best Restaurant – where the wait is often (only) a few months. The produce is of course 100% Nordic from Denmark, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and even Greenland. We recommend online booking well in advance.

2. Geranium: http://geranium.dk/

Located on the 8th floor of the Common Gardens (Fælledparken) in the middle of Copenhagen, you will find Geranium. This brightly lit and dynamic restaurant’s mission is to restore, challenge and enrich the senses through an extraordinary dining experience. Geranium boasts some unique accomplishments. It holds two stars in the Michelin Guide Nordic Cities 2015, just as Noma does, and was ranked the 51st best Restaurant in the World in 2015 by Restaurant Magazine. On top of those awards, Chef Rasmus Kofoed, who is a triple winner of the gold, silver and bronze medals, is the most winning chef in the Bocuse D’ore competition.

3. Restaurant AOC: http://www.restaurantaoc.dk/

Restaurant AOC is nestled in a vaulted cellar in the historic 17th century mansion, Moltkes Palæ. This beautiful restaurant is on the edge of Kongens Nytorv and seats 50 guests at round tables in the main dining room. The atmosphere is cool and minimalistic with Nordic charm. The aim here is to provide guests with the ultimate sensory experience by stimulating as many senses as possible. AOC holds two stars in the Michelin Guide Nordic Cities 2015, just as Noma and Geranium do. Chef Søren Selin proves his exquisite cooking skills through unique dishes and with Nordic-based produce.

 4. Kong Hans Kælder: http://www.konghans.dk/

Kong Hans Kælder (King Hans’ Cellar) is located in the oldest building in Copenhagen, which was at one time a vineyard. A few hundred years later, H.C. Andersen also lived under this roof. Vaulted ceilings, gothic arches and romantic candlelight are all combined to create an elegant dining room in a historic setting. Kong Hans Kælder holds one Michelin Star and its chef, Thomas Rode Andersen is also a featured writer and public figure.

5. Relæ: http://www.restaurant-relae.dk/en/mad/

Situated on a quiet urban street in the neighborhood of Nørrebro is a small and humble restaurant, Relæ. At first glance, it may not appear to be like the other Michelin-starred restaurants. But that’s one thing that sets Relæ apart. Opened only 5 years ago by chef Christian Puglisi, Relæ already has one star in the Michelin Guide Nordic Cities 2015 and also ranks number 45 in the 2015 list of the World’s Best Restaurants. The dishes are experimental and innovative, all served in a down-to-earth and welcoming atmosphere.