1. Vega: http://www.vega.dk/

Vega is the name of one of Europe’s leading music venues consisting of three separate music halls. Known by most people in Copenhagen as a sublime music venue, cocktail bar and nightclub. Vega has been around since 1996 and has since opened its doors to many leading artists such as Prince, David Bowie, Björk, Suede and many more. It also holds an extensive list of international famous dj’s. The building housing Vega and The People’s House, as it is also called, dates back to 1956, built by the famous architect, Vilhelm Lauritzen and today you can still find a distinct 50’s interior design, making Vega a unique venue.

2. Culture Box: http://www.culture-box.com/

Culture Box is an electronic music venue and one of the only nightclubs in Copenhagen, dedicated to electronic music only. The box opened its doors in 2005 and is run and owned by two young music enthusiasts with a solid background within electronic music. Since its opening, Culture Box has become an ambassador for the non-commercial electronic music scene in Copenhagen, contributing to the rising underground artists. The music represented here ranges from electronica, through bass music, to house and techno and the line-up is a mix of international- and local underground artists.

3. Jazzhouse: http://www.jazzhouse.dk/

Copenhagen Jazzhouse – the name says it all – the official ‘it’ place of Copenhagen’s thriving jazz scene. Opened back in 1991, Copenhagen Jazzhouse is one of the most popular jazz venues in town, it represents more than 200 concerts a year, featuring the most outstanding contemporary artists and jazz legends as well as upcoming artists. The line-up consists of a combination of classical and modern jazz. Expect a packed venue Fridays and Saturdays, the concert and nightclub remains open till dawn.

4. Rust: http://www.rust.dk/

If you’re into discovering new talent as well as hip-hop, indie rock and -pop, rock and electronica – you might want to pay a visit to Rust. Located in the vibrant Nørrebro, just a stone’s throw from Elmegade and Sankt Hans Torv, many young people frequent this place on the weekends. Rust is an intimate venue with a multi-level dance floor and it has a long history of promoting the beats of the future providing a space for new talent. Here, you will find renowned artists and DJs as well as upcoming musicians.

5. Den Grå Hal: http://www.dengraahal.dk/

Den Grå Hal (The Grey Hall) is located inside Christiania and is a popular music venue, promoting the great musical and cultural freedom on the locals living inside Christiania. Through the years, Den Grå Hal has housed many great artists such as; Portishead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prodigy, Bob Dylan, Rage Against The Machine and many many more. Since being possessed by the Christiana locals in the 70’s Den Grå Hal has been a unique cultural meeting and became a protected building in 2007. Today it is used not only for concerts, but also Christmas markets and other musical and cultural events.