1. Bror: http://www.restaurantbror.dk/

Bror (Brother) is a new Nordic restaurant found in the old Latin quarter of Copenhagen. Run by a team of chefs who previously worked at Noma, they focus on simple and good food made with the very best produce in season from the Northern European region. Bror has already earned a Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide Nordic Cities 2015. Dine here to taste new Nordic Cuisine, without the wait or hefty bill. Expect to pay 395 DKK for a four course meal.

2. Amass: http://www.amassrestaurant.com/modx/index.php

Amass is a new dining establishment in Copenhagen where sustainability and mouth-watering meals go hand in hand. Spontaneity is key in the kitchen of chef Matthew Orlando, who was a former sous chef at Noma. The spontaneity at Amass is seen in menus changing daily to guarantee the freshest ingredients. Sitting on the industrial small island of Refshaleøen, the tranquil surroundings add a distinct and raw, yet beautiful feeling to the restaurant. Guests have open views to the kitchen’s private garden and the homegrown vegetables and herbs are diligently incorporated into the gourmet menu.

3. Höst: http://xn--hst-sna.dk/

Höst refers to the Danish word, Høst, meaning harvest. Höst is owned by Claus Meyer of Cofoco and Meyer’s Bakeries notarity. The restaurant seats up to 100 people on two floors. In the kitchen, traditional ingredients are combined with the New Nordic Cuisine and results in a very pleasing sensory experience. The interior is simple yet impeccable and it becomes immediately obvious why in 2013, Höst won The World’s Best Design Restaurant award at the annual Bar & Restaurant Design Awards in London. Höst offers a three-course menu in both summer and winter, for DKK 295. Simple, convenient and high quality.

4. Marv & Ben: http://cargocollective.com/marvogben/RESTAURANTEN

The owners of Marv & Ben (Marrow & Bone), source the restaurant’s produce from their very own privately owned farm in Northern Zealand. The dining experience at Marv & Ben serves up a no-fuss, modern Danish, gastro-pub cuisine with intense flavours – open for everyone to take part in this innovative regional cooking project. Marv & Ben has received a Bib Gourmand. Prices start at DKK 325 for two courses. It’s sure to be an authentic experience when dining in this old Copenhagen apartment on Snaregade!

5. RADIO: http://restaurantradio.dk/

Another one of Claus Meyer’s restaurants has made this list. Along with two other chefs, he has opened RADIO which neighbors the city’s beautiful, old Radio House. RADIO creates organic, Nordic cuisine mostly drawn from local sources. Vegetables are grown outside the city where the crops have been organically cultivated for the past 20 years. Ancient grains and legumes come from Mørdrupgaard, the fruit is from Lilleø, the meat is likely hunted on the small island of Lolland and finally, the fish are caught by local fishermen. Local, organic, and modern with a strong connection to the local landscape. Dining at RADIO guarantees a unique experience.